Google Ads management


Advertise on Google – with Google Ads, you can reach customers that are specifically searching for the services that you offer

Show your ads to Google users at the right time and in the right place

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is the advertising platform from Google. AdWords ads are a highly efficient method when it comes to attracting traffic to your website. Its flexible targeting options lets you personalise your campaign to suit your needs.

Full control over your visibility and costs

As in any other PPC-based advertising model, you will only pay for when someone clicks on your ad: when a user performs a search on a specific keyword or term that you choose, your ad will appear on a search engine results page.

Select the keywords you want to advertise for

You decide which terms you want to advertise for: when a user searches for your keyword, your ad will show up. If you are a coffee brewing company, you may want to advertise for keywords such as “buy quality coffee” and “freshly brewed coffee”.

More options, more control

You decide how much you want to pay for each click. You set a maximum bid for click, and you will never pay more than that. Set the reach of your campaign as wide as you want: target a country, city, or just the neighbourhood where your business is.


Our approach to Google AdWords Advertising



We're data-driven, we'll help you make smarter decisions based on insights and facts

Google provides you with a large amount of data and insights about your Google Ads campaign for you to make smarter decisions. We will help you make the most out of your search advertising campaigns.

We base our decisions and actions on insight and knowledge. We analyse these insights and act consequently aiming to continuously improve the performance of your campaigns.


We work with businesses committed to growth to produce outstanding experiences

The following are testimonials from our client Australia ETA Visas, a company that provides tourist and business visas for Australia, and our Spanish client HidalGas. They approached us to run pay per click campaigns on Google AdWords:

“Good job. We are very happy with you and the performance of your campaigns. Thank you!”

Daniel, Founder and director at HidalGas

“You are already doing a great job and I fully trust you. We will launch a couple of new projects with you soon”

Kisoo Lee, CEO at Australia ETA Visas


Read our Google AdWords case study about the million-dollar pay per click campaign we run for Australia ETA Visas or view more testimonials from other clients



Gloc Media is an official Google Partner. We have vast experience in AdWords management and our expertise is recognised by Google

We also are Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professionals

There's always room for optimisation

We believe there is room for improvements and optimisation in almost every campaign, so this means that you could be getting more out of your Google Ads campaigns. Make the most from your budget and maximise your ROI. Our main objective is to increase your return on investment. We will deem our work successful only if you are happy with the results.

Google Ads is our forte

We have a deep knowledge of everything concerning Google AdWords and are truly passionate about it. We just enjoy what we do.

Advertising on Google AdWords is a strategy that can be adopted in isolation, but it is highly advisable to consider it as part of a wider, multi-channel approach, being part of a general integrated search strategy, as it will have a stronger effect and will add more value to your overall online efforts.

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