On average, 98% of your visitors will leave your website without purchasing. Remarketing allows you to retarget potential customers who visited your site as they browse the web.

Reach potential clients that visited your website but didn’t convert, offer them a good deal and bring them back to your site

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a sophisticated advertising technique that works under a PPC model, used by marketers and online merchants to reach lost visitors of your site who didn’t convert on their first visit, with the aim of attracting them back.

Retarget potential clients who have previously visited your website as they browse the web by placing your remarketing ads on third party websites.

Remarketing on Google’s Display Network will let you target your lost visitors and have a second chance to convert them: offer them something special, convince them to come back and make a purchase.

The endless uses of retargeting with Google AdWords remarketing campaigns

There are multiple different ways to recapture the lost traffic through remarketing campaigns.

Think about it. Let’s say you sell electronic devices and your visitors viewed the webpage about one of your products. Maybe some of them even reached the checkout page, but eventually they didn’t purchase the product.

Through remarketing ads we could attract them back by offering a 10% discount on that specific product if they buy it within 3 days. Or maybe they actually purchased a product of your store, such as an MP3 player: in that case, we could encourage them to have a look at complementary products, such as headphones or earphones.


Our approach to search remarketing



Retarget your non-converted website visitors

Remarketing will help you improve conversions as well as brand awareness.

At Gloc Media we will help you get the most from your remarketing campaign.

It will increase the number of conversions and sales, as your ads will be placed in front of potential clients that already showed an interest on your product and who actually visited your site. These people are definitely interested on your product, they want to buy it, and remarketing ads will help you bring them back to your site so that they can eventually buy the product they want from you.

Remarketing is a powerful method to keep your target audience engaged. You will be placing highly relevant ads and offers in front of them across the Web.

We will ensure your brand is in front of their eyes when they are ready to make a purchase and this will drastically improve your ROI.

Let’s say you want to expand the reach of your electronic devices brand: you could target only men aged 18-30 who have not yet visited your site and show them an offer that is tailored to them.

Remarketing setup and management process

We will take the following steps in order to set up and manage your remarketing campaign:


We need to clearly set the audiences of your campaign. Depending on which people you want to target, it will completely affect the setup process of your remarketing campaign.

Tags and setup process

Once we have specified the audiences, we will create the tags for the lists and the remarketing campaigns. The people who visits your product webpages will be automatically added to the list that we will target with the remarketing ads.

Creative / banner creation

We will create multiple banner ads for your remarketing campaign, and keep testing different creative throughout the time, in order to get optimal results. In case you already have your own banner ads we can use them, but be aware that creative for remarketing campaigns needs to meet specific sizes and format.

Bidding strategy

A remarketing-specific bidding strategy that is suitable for your business and industry will be put in place. We will take into account many factors to select the ideal bids, such as the competition of the industry, your budget, etc.

Ongoing management

We will closely monitor your campaign during the first hours and days once we launch it, and keep testing continuously for optimising its performance and increase your ROI.

Typical placement of a remarketing ad on a third party website

Remarketing is a strategy that can be adopted in isolation, but it is highly advisable to consider it as part of a wider, multi-channel approach, being part of a general integrated search strategy, as it will have a stronger effect and will add more value to your overall online efforts.

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