Google Ads case study


Australia ETA Visas provides business and tourist visas for Australia to travellers worldwide

Google Ads advertising campaign

Australia ETA Visas reached us with a proposed initial budget of $4,100 per day, which makes an annual budget of $1.5 million. Today, once the success of our campaigns is consolidated, we continue working together closely and expanding the reach of our campaigns and horizons.

What was the goal?

Before working on this project, Australia ETA Visas had various issues advertising on Google AdWords. Google had suspended their AdWords accounts multiple times, as travel visas are still a grey area within Google’s advertising policies.

Australia ETA Visas came to us with hopes of having some continuity for their campaigns, they wanted to avoid continuous suspensions and review processes that were causing the campaigns to be paused all the time. They also wanted us to optimise them in order to achieve a better conversion rate.

After some conversations where we explained that we have a few selected trustworthy connections and contact persons at Google, eventually Australia ETA Visas hired us to setup, launch and manage an AdWords campaign on an ongoing basis. They made it clear that their final goal was to improve conversion rates as much as possible and avoid suspensions to keep the campaigns active at all times.

What did we accomplish?

Within a month, we increased their conversions rates by more than 100%, reaching an average monthly conversion rate of over 7% in all search campaigns.

We also managed to decrease their cost/conversion by 96%, with an average cost per conversion of about $30. The CTRs were also high with an average of about 5% in most cases.

In regards to the suspensions and reviews, we discussed the matter with our advisors at Google who we trust and usually work with. We explained to them how the service that our client provides adds value to users.

Once they fully understood the context, we were able to, together with our advisors at Google, speak to the Google Advertising Policies team and make them understand the real situation: our client was running a legit business model where they help and add a value to consumers. After a few initial reviews, the account was approved and we were able to run the AdWords campaigns normally.

How did we do it?

The first thing we did when setting up the campaigns was to create many highly specific ad groups into each campaign, with a few relevant keywords within each ad group. Then we continued to pen relevant ad copy for these ad groups, so that users would see ads describing the product exactly as they searched it for. This ensured high CTRs, and consequently high Quality Scores for the long run, which resulted on a lower CPC or cost per click and better ad position.

We closely monitored the performance of the campaigns especially during the first days after launching them. Initially we saw a large number of irrelevant keywords triggering our ads and accruing clicks, so we spent some time adding negative keywords to refine our targeting. We also decided to try the broad match modifier in some cases.

These tweaks worked wonderfully. Both our CTRs and conversion rates spiked immediately.

More recently we also launched remarketing and RLSA – remarketing for the search network campaigns. The performance of these campaigns has been brilliant during the first few months, especially the RLSA campaign, with conversion rates of over 8% and an even lower cost per conversion.

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