PPC case study


HidalGas provides a wide range of boilers and heaters in the region of Madrid

What was the goal?

Long before working with us, HidalGas had tried to launch a PPC campaign on their own, but the results weren’t good and they ended up spending loads of money while achieving no conversions at all.

When we met HidalGas they didn’t rely on pay per click advertising anymore as a way to increase sales and conversions. We explained them that pay per click is something that needs to be implemented by experienced managers with the right knowledge, or it can turn to be a huge waste of money and time.

Eventually HidalGas hired us to implement a PPC campaign. Their goal was to increase sales in the area of Madrid.

What did we accomplish?

We increased their website conversions by 1500% within 6 months, reaching peaks of over 300 conversions per month.

As per their requirement, we also had to maintain our ads in position #1 for certain keyphrases, including brand keywords and other relevant terms.

We also managed to reduce their CPA by 82% within 6 months.

How did we do it?

A good start is essential, especially in PPC, so we set up our campaigns broken into many highly specific Ad Groups with few relevant keywords. HidalGas provides boilers and heaters among other products, and also works as a reseller for other brands, so we set up specific Ad Groups for these brands in order to make the ads relevant to the search query and landing page and therefore improve the Quality Score as much as possible.

Our campaign focused on the area of Madrid. Our strategy was to monitor the performance of the locations where the campaign was running, and invest heavier where the performance was best. It turned out that the ROI we generated in the West side wasn’t as high as in the East side.

We also monitored every single variable of the campaign and tweaked when necessary to reach an optimal performance. For example, we tweaked the ad schedule to opt out night hours, since we noticed users weren’t converting well during those hours.

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