User Reviews: How Important Are They?

User Reviews: How Important Are They?

Written by Iñigo Etxebeste

This week our comrades from Trustpilot have sent us some insights and a very interesting inforgraphic on customer feedback and its impact on your business. They particularly highlight that reviews and feedback are not only important for B2C businesses, but also for B2B companies.

According to Trustpilot, today’s customers define the businesses they buy from, whether their comments come through social media, forums or online reviews. Engaging with this conversation is key. The more you engage, the more you can perfect your customer experience. And that can lead to higher retention rates. Joining your customers and clients conversations could be setting you apart.

It’s also worth remembering that around 80% of customers look for reviews on search engines such as Google and are influenced by social media feedback about products and services. In the UK, 75% of consumers will change their mind about buying a product after reading 3 negative reviews. You can read more information about online reputation here, and learn more about our approach.

The below infographic shows why customer feedback isn’t only for B2C businesses:

How important do you think user reviews are? Would you like to add anything else to the story? Feel free to do so, leave a comment!

Source: Trustpilot: Is Customer Feedback Important to Your Business?

Iñigo Etxebeste, February 3, 2020