Gloc Media was unawarely part of an experiment, gets voted top agency

Gloc Media was unawarely part of an experiment, ends up being voted top agency

Written by Iñigo Etxebeste

Gloc Media was part of a secret experiment without being notified. This experiment was conducted by the backlink analysis tool Linkio, and the results couldn’t have been better for us.

We have been voted by the audience as the #1 link building agency, taking into account factors like link building tactics, pricing policy, response time, real blogger outreach, our agency’s own SEO or how to order from us. We are the most voted agency on both categories: best link building services and best guest posting services (can be seen here).

It all started on June 30th, when we were initially contacted by a fictional company apparently interested in link acquisition services for their SaaS corporate website. Here’s a screenshot of the initial message:

We were at the office at the moment when we received the email so naturally we responded instantly:

They followed up with the next stage of the experiment, which included a series of questions:

We responded with a more elaborate message describing detailed explanations to the questions they had asked:

A few days later, Linkio posted these answers on their website, along with the answers from other 50+ vendors, in the form of a contest where online visitors can vote up for the quality of the service offered.

Gloc Media ended up being voted as the best link building agency and the best guest posting agency, listed #1 on both lists among the top 50 agencies. The list they compiled actually has more than 50 vendors from different countries.

This is what the results of the experiment revealed about us:

Worth clarifying that our own SEO is healthier than ever, all our main webpages and service pages are accessible and indexed; the only webpages we block from crawling are some blog categories, tags, RSS feeds and other uninteresting webpages. We also own an SSL certificate.

Here is a brief explanation about the experiment put together by our friends at Linkio themselves, the guys who have been running the experiment:

At Gloc Media we’re specialist at building backlinks for SEO. We have been helping institutions, charities, businesses and other organisations rank on Google for over 10 years, with a proven track record.

If you have any questions about link acquisition or SEO, or if you need help ranking your website on the search results of search engines such as Google or Bing, feel free to get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

Iñigo Etxebeste, October 15, 2020