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We will thoroughly analyse your website to ensure its structure and content are optimised


Find out more about your online search visibility through our search engine optimisation consulting services

An on-page SEO analysis integrated within your general SEO strategy is essential in order to improve rankings on natural search results. The SEO consulting service is the process of analysing various specific aspects of your site, such as text and image content, navigation paths, link issues, meta tags and HTML declarations, crawl and indexing issues, web architecture, etc.


Our SEO audit will make your website a fully search engine friendly site. In order to rank higher on search engines such as Google or Bing, you need to have a search engine friendly website. A search engine friendly website is a site that is easily “readable” for the search engine spiders: these spiders will crawl your webpages, and read the content on the HTML code of your site. Adapting your site for making it more search engine friendly is the goal of our SEO consultant services, an on-page SEO strategy.


Crawl Errors on Google Webmaster Tools for our client Kiluka Miluka

Crawl Errors on Google Webmaster Tools for our client Kiluka Miluka


Let us point you the right way: our SEO consultant services will provide you with recommendations to improve search rankings and therefore gain more visitors and potential customers.



Let an expert SEO consultant analyse your site: find out more about our approach to SEO consulting services

Whether you are keeping your SEO work in-house or you are using an external agency, a second opinion is always useful: we will provide you with highly detailed insights and goal-oriented recommendations that will make your site more user and search engine friendly and improve your search rankings.

Search engine optimisation is one of the most effective ways to increase your site’s traffic, and it will surely be your most profitable investment when it comes to gain new visitors.


Happy clients

The following are testimonials from GoLocalise, London’s leading voice over, subtitling and translation agency, and our Danish client Originalbeerbong. They approached us to run ongoing search engine optimisation campaigns, SEO consultations and link building campaigns:

“I really like you and Gloc Media, and I believe we have found a great SEO partner for the years to come”


, Director at GoLocalise

“The development of the campaign looks great, keep up the good work. I’m very happy with the results. Great work :)”


, Owner at Originalbeerbong

You can read here a case study about the SEO campaign we ran for GoLocalise, or you can also read more testimonials here.


Expert SEO consultancy process

Our SEO consultancy service will help you improve or amend content and web structure failures and weaknesses, and will turn your site into a user and search engine friendly website. At Gloc Media we have an experienced team of SEO consultants and analysts. We will perform a website SEO analysis and select a set of recommendations suitable for your website and business needs.

1. Text and image content analysis. We will perform an analysis of the content on your site considering the keywords you want to rank for, and will provide you with a set of recommendations to tweak and optimise that content. We will look at keyword presence into body text, headings, meta tags, URLs, image ALT text and rest of web content, as well as content duplication issues, current keyword stuffing issues, etc.

2. Navigation paths. We will analyse the main and secondary navigation paths to ensure content accessibility and web usability are optimised and fully accesible for both users and search engine spiders. We will look into menu structures, an optimised crosslinking within the site, HTML and XML sitemaps, URL and file nature, breadcrumbs presence and other potential navigation issues.

3. Link structures and issues. We will provide suggestions to adapt link structures to industry best practices in order to optimise internal and external linking. We will look at URL structures, link redirects, crosslinking within the site, internal / external linking strategies, etc.

4. Meta tags and HTML declarations. We will provide suggestions to tweak the meta tags of your webpages as well as some of the HTML declarations in order to ensure your HTML code is fully optimised from a SEO point of view. We will adapt your meta tags considering the keywords you want to rank for, while maintaining them user friendly and highly relevant to your webpage content.

5. Crawl and indexing issues. We will analyse potential crawling and indexing issues on your webpages. This can occur due to multiple reasons. We will research the causes and solve them for an optimal indexability of your site from the search engines. We will specifically look into robots.txt declarations, 404 error pages, sitemap declaration, indexing issues due to content duplication, other errors and issues on Google Webmaster Tools, other indexing issues, other crawling issues, etc.

6. Web architecture. We will look at the architecture and structure of your site in order to make it fully search engine friendly: we will analyse domain and server issues, HTML / CSS and overall coding issues, page load times, appropriate headings and HTML usage for organising content hierarchy, etc.

It is highly advisable to implement a link building campaign along with the SEO consulting service for optimising results: it is not enough making your site search engine friendly, you need to make your site authoritative and popular to successfully improve rankings. Implementing professional SEO consultant services is a strategy that can be adopted in isolation, but it is highly advisable to consider it as part of a wider, multi-channel approach, being part of a general integrated search strategy, as it will have a stronger effect and will add more value to your overall online efforts.


Ongoing SEO solutions

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process. Our SEO campaigns will help your site rank higher on search engines, and therefore attract relevant traffic. We will take the following steps to ensure your site is properly optimised and to increase its authority:

1. Keyword selection. We will undertake research in order to select the most relevant keyword for your business.

2. Content optimisation. We will provide suggestions to tweak the content of your website to encourage more visitors and to make your site more relevant for the terms you want to rank for.

3. Meta tag optimisation. We will provide suggestions to tweak the meta tags of your webpages, in order to make them more user and search engine friendly.

4. Link building. We will provide a number of high quality links to your site from third party popular sites.


Keyword selection: a good start is vital

Whether or not you already know which keywords you want to rank for, we will perform our own analysis to determine which terms are the most suitable for your SEO campaign, and will discuss our analysis and findings with you. Not always the most obvious option is the right one: our experienced team will take into account a number of factors when selecting your keywords, such as the relevance of the terms to your business, the number of searches for the term on your target location, the industry competition, etc. At times you will get a higher ROI by ranking better on less popular but more relevant keywords, which are much easier to rank, than focusing on very popular and too broad keywords. It’s all about the long tail.


An outstanding content strategy is essential

In the SEO world, the content is king. Google is continuously demanding fresh and original quality content, and the presence of the target keywords within the text content on your pages is essential. We will optimise your content by rewriting, tweaking or relocating some parts of your text content.


Meta tags: an introduction to your webpages

Meta tags are not displayed within the content of your webpages, most of them are completely invisible for your visitors. They are only visible on the HTML code of the pages, but they still are an important part of your SEO efforts. Title tag, Description tag and Keyword tag are read by the search engines and still have a significant relevance for ranking purposes. We will provide optimised Meta tags for your relevant pages.


Link building to increase your site’s popularity

Search engines view links from other websites to your site as “votes”. The more quality backlinks your website has, the higher it will rank on search engines. Links from third party websites will give authority and popularity to your site: it is a vital part of SEO to have an authoritative and popular website, in order to improve rankings.


What else to consider on top of SEO consultant services…

If you think an SEO consultancy can help you, you should know that we provide a number of SEO-related services that your business could benefit from:


Search Engine Optimisation

We develop integrated SEO solutions combining on-page and off-page SEO services. Increase the traffic to your site, and make sure you are there when your customers are looking for you.


Advertise blog

Content Marketing

content marketing agency will help you become an authority and top industry player. Generate valuable contents to attract and engage your prospects and eventually convert them into customers.


Local SEO

Local SEO

Are you a small business owner? Is your business targeting a specific geographic location? Then you surely want to optimise your local visibility.


Link Building Services

Link Building

Popularity of your site is one of the most important factors that Google will consider when ranking your site. Building links to your site from third party sites will increase your online popularity.


International SEO

International SEO

Implement an international SEO strategy and offer your services in other countries or even worldwide. Run multilingual SEO campaigns and reach potential customers all around the world.


Online Newsroom

Online newsroom

Since Google is continuously demanding fresh and original quality content, a newsroom within your website might be the answer to greatly improve your SEO results and boost your online visibility.


SEO Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Get to know your competitors, where they are investing and which campaigns work for them, so that you can make smarter decisions.


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