What do Brits buy when they go to Europe?

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What do Brits buy when they go to Europe?

What do we buy when we go abroad? Ever wondered what do British travellers buy when they visit countries in Europe?.

We were inspired by Fixr and so we took on the mission to find out what Brits buy when they visit different countries, or what they intend to buy before travelling. We used Google Suggest to find this out. Google Suggest is the name of Google’s auto-complete function. If a user enters a letter or a word in Google’s search field, they are automatically shown associated terms in a dropdown menu. These suggestions are generated based on the most frequently searched terms, according to Search Engine Journal.

For this purpose, we have used the following search query on google.co.uk:

where to buy * in [country]


Seems like when we visit certain countries we are interested in buying practical things or souvenirs, such as stamps, leather, watches or books. This is the case in countries like Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia or Italy.


However when we visit some other countries, it seems that our mind is rather looking for joy, fun and pleasure. See countries like Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland or Iceland.


Enough talking, here’s the map:

What do Brits buy when they go to Europe?

We actually had so much fun filling the map above. We are thinking to create also a map for America, Asia, Africa and other continents, however let’s see if you like this one, and if we get a decent number of shares on our Facebook post where we share this map, we will create the rest of the maps!

What would you buy if you go to Europe? Would you like to add anything else to the story? Feel free to do so, leave a comment!

By Iñigo Etxebeste


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