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Voice search is here: stop whatever you are doing and rethink your SEO strategy

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OK Google

Have you used voice search recently? If you work in the digital field, like using technology, or if you simply have a smartphone, the answer is likely yes. According to comScore, half of all queries will be voice searches by 2020. This is a big statement, but seeing how many people we can spot out there speaking to their phones without anybody on the other side of the line, it’s…

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Remarketing For Search: What Is It And How To Set It Up

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RLSA - remarketing lists for search ads

Remarketing for the Search Network, better known as RLSA: remarketing lists for search ads, was launched over 2 years ago now – they have been around since July 2013 – however it remains very underused among digital marketers. We have recently set up an AdWords account for a new client and among other types of campaigns we also set up RLSA. Since many online marketers are still unaware of the…

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