Six Helpful Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Content

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Great visual content is essential to generate views and involvement in social media. Read on to discover six tools that can help you create high-quality professional visuals and maximise the value of your content.

1. Use Moovly to Create Animated Videos.

Animated content is everywhere and is a tried-and-tested way of attracting and keeping your audience’s attention, allowing you to share a message in a powerful and effective way. Moovly is a new online application and is a simple tool that enables you to build animated content using a library of objects. It’s inexpensive, intuitive to use, and once you try it you won’t look back! After you have created your animation, you can easily share and export it to social media websites.

2. Design Attractive Infographics.

Eye-catching and convincing infographics are a must for developing your content marketing strategy. If you aren’t a designer, Piktochart allows you to create and share great infographics without spending large amounts of time and money. It’s fast, free and effective – and, although the premium version offers a bit more choice, Piktochart is brilliant for quickly capturing simple ideas without fuss.

3. Add Personality to Your Content with Emojis.

Emoji has been described as the world’s first truly universal language and it’s certainly true that the well-judged use of emojis can add another dimension to your content, adding humour and wit. The latest app from the emoji experts at Emojione offers the ultimate opportunity for expression with an unparalleled choice of the cute little icons – and is completely free. Emojione is available as integrated desktop browser extensions; the only question is why you wouldn’t want to download it?

4. Turn Visuals into Movies with Magisto.

Magisto is an app that transforms your pictures and videos into charming musical stories that you and your friends will want to watch over and over again. It’s a fun and foolproof app that will bring you social media content to life.

5. Create Images with Pablo by Buffer.

Buffer has just launched Pablo, an innovative new app that makes it ridiculously easy to share and create your own inspirational images. It has been specifically designed to create images for sharing across social media platforms. Pablo seamlessly integrates with Buffer, allowing users to take advantage of its smart scheduling, the key to successful social media marketing.

6. Develop your brand with Make A Gif.

Make A GIF allows you to design and share your own GIFs from your own videos and pictures or from the Make A GIF library. Humorous GIFs can be invaluable as a way of personalising your brand on social media.

This guest post has been written by Javier Gázquez, who is a columnist for the Huffington Post. Would you like to add anything else to the story? Feel free to do so, leave a comment!

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