New Google AdWords Changes and Innovations

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New Google AdWords changes

There are trillions of searches on Google every year and over half of them happen on mobile.

The Google Performance Summit took place last Tuesday in San Francisco and this was one of the very first ideas they shared. Mobile is not something that is about to happen anymore. It’s not even happening right now. It already happened. Today more than 50% of all searches happen on a mobile device. This is just huge.

At the event Google introduced new products designed to help you succeed in today’s mobile-first world, including:

– Expanded text ads: a new ad format optimised for smartphones that offers more ad space so you can showcase more info about your products and services, right on the search results page.

– Ads in Maps: Google is experimenting with a variety of ad formats that make it easier for users to find businesses as they navigate the world around them.

Have a look at this infographic from Google that illustrates how mobile search connects consumers to stores.

According to Google, across the millions of sites using Analytics today, more than half of all web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets.

If you missed the livestream of the Google Performance Summit you can watch it here: play the video below. Learn about the latest ads and analytics innovations designed to grow your business in a mobile-first world.



In order to help online marketers succeed in this mobile-first world, Google is redesigning AdWords from the ground-up and re-thinking everything from creatives and bidding, to workflow and measurement.

Accounting for mobile and designing for mobile-first are 2 different things. This is why Google is rebuilding AdWords. To enable advertisers and developers to drive more downloads of mobile apps they have built Universal App Campaigns. To date, Universal App Campaigns has delivered more than 2 billion downloads for advertisers, across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.

At the Google Performance Summit they announced even broader changes to Google advertising, from how text and display ads work, to the way advertisers optimise their campaigns. The new mobile expanded text ads in AdWords provide more ad space so you can showcase more information about your products and services before the click. Here are the key changes:

New AdWords mobile expanded ads

As consumers live their lives online and blur the lines between online and offline, it’s more important than ever to build your business for mobile. Google is building for this mobile-first world and you should also start thinking to go mobile from today.

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Source: Google: Ads and analytics innovations for a mobile-first world

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