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SEO campaign through Google Authorship

Many companies use blogging (on their own website or as guest bloggers) in order to drive traffic to their website and also to increase their authority on Google. Knowing this simple step for SEO, it is strange that still the vast majority of bloggers haven’t embraced Google Authorship which is an excellent way to increase your authority through your writing. All you need is good quality writing and a Google+ account to which you can link your works.

If you are still not sure how Google Authorship can help improve your SEO, here are some points to consider.

Get yourself under the spotlight

As a proud author of your work you should let everyone know who stays behind the writing. By linking your paper to your Google+ profile, Google Authorship verifies you as the author. This will allow your image and information to appear in the Google search results together with your writing.

It is proven that search results with an image have a higher traffic than those without. And this is no surprise! After all we are all more willing to trust a result with an image than one without, aren’t we?

Plagiarism? How about higher rankings?

It might come as a surprise to you but in many cases plagiarised content on the web ranks higher than the original one on Google. Why is that? It could be the fact that the plagiarised result comes before yours and people are more willing to click the first satisfactory result they get on Google. In this case the advantage of Google Authorship is that once you acknowledge yourself as the original author, Google will rank your content higher than any plagiarised result there might be out there. There is no need to mention that this is a win situation for you as your work will be officially recognised under your name and therefore will generate traffic to your website.

Your information reaches your audience. Faster.

Whenever you have something to share with your audience or just want to expand your network, link your content to your Google+ profile. The Google Authorship programme gives the acknowledged copywriter`s content priority over other websites.

Higher rankings for your website

As a recognized author of your content not only you will improve your and your website`s credibility, but also will rank higher in the results than contents which lack recognised authorship. In addition, as mentioned, an image linked to your profile will increase the clicks to your content.

After all we all prefer to know who stays behind the content.

By Iñigo Etxebeste


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Author: Iñigo Etxebeste

Iñigo is the director and founder of Gloc Media. He keeps our ship moving in the right direction.

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