Advertising to change the world

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Advertising to change the world

Advertising has the power to change the world.

Advertising helps brands and businesses increase their sales and grow, yes. But it can also help raise awareness of other type of campaigns: advertising can help NGOs, charities and other non-profit organisations reach a wider audience and extend its impact.

Just look at the Google Ad Grants program for charities, or at, the former Facebook application, created by Sean Parker. These sites / programs raise hundreds of thousands every day for charitable causes through advertising.

Even John Lennon believed that way about advertising. “Henry Ford knew how to sell cars by advertising. I’m selling peace. And Yoko and I are just one big advertising campaign. It may make people laugh, but it may make them think, too. Really, we’re Mr and Mrs Peace”, John Lennon.

On 15th December, 1969 John and Yoko launched the WAR IS OVER! campaign. Billboards with the inscription “WAR IS OVER! (IF YOU WANT IT), Happy Christmas from John and Yoko” were placed in 11 cities worldwide: New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Along with these billboards leaflets were distributed, posters plastered up, newspaper advertisements placed and radio announcements made.

When John was asked how much the billboards cost, he replied “I don’t know – but it is cheaper than someone’s life.”

Source: Imagine Peace

By Iñigo Etxebeste


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