Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing

Build brand awareness. Improve loyalty of current customers and reach new potential clients with blog marketing services


Promote your blog to improve brand awareness and boost SEO efforts with our blog management service

The blogosphere has changed the way businesses connect, communicate and engage with their audience and customers. Advertise your blog to improve brand awareness and recognition of your company, as well as reinforce loyalty of current customers and reach new potential clients.

A corporate blog for your business is a cost-effective method to provide valuable information and updates to complement your website. It will also be a boost for your SEO efforts as it will help you building link popularity. A business blog will attract relevant traffic and drive qualified visitors to your website, and it will also give you the opportunity to announce special events such as conferences or other events, as well as special sales/promotions, industry news or new product launches.


Our approach to promoting a blog

Whether you already have a blog or you are thinking to create one, you should consider how your target audience will find it: simply creating a blog and adding great content is not enough, it doesn’t mean you potential customers will read it. In order to ensure you are reaching your desired audience, you will need to promote it.

Content Marketing Agency

At Gloc Media we provide high quality blog management and blog marketing services for your business. We will fully handle your company blog from the point of choosing a domain name (if you still don’t have a blog) and posting scheduled blogs, to sharing them in social networks in order to spread your word.

What else to consider on top of blog marketing services…

If you think blog marketing can help you, you should know that we provide a number of blog advertising-related services that your business could benefit from:


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Connect and engage with your audience and take control over your online brand reputation. Don’t underestimate the power of working with a social media agency, it could be your wisest investment.


Facebook for Business

Connect with over 1 billion people. Target only the right people, filter your audience by location, interests, age, profession,…


Brand Reputation Management

Social Media Advertising

Reach your target audience on social networks and convert them into customers.


Brand Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Don’t ignore what people are saying about you. Build a strong reputation and protect your brand.


Want to find out more?

For any questions you may have, get in touch and find out how we can help you. Whether you want to ask a general question about a digital marketing channel or enquire about what we can do for you, please feel free to drop us a line. We are more than happy to help!






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